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Our city's finest chefs partner with farmers, youth and healthy movers and shakers for extraordinary restaurant crawls in historic neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Join the first-ever Tastes of Franklin Festival on June 2 and explore the culinary talent of Crown Heights, just blocks from the Brooklyn Museum, right off the 2/3/4/5/S trains at Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue. The Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill Spring Crawl highlighted establishments along Smith, Court, Clinton and Henry Streets & their exquisite food and drink, south of Atlantic Avenue not far from the Brooklyn Bridge, just off the F and G trains at Bergen and Carroll Streets. Tastes of Gowanus featured restaurants, bars and bakeries along 3rd Avenue over to the Gowanus Canal. At all our events, top chefs and artisans offer sumptuous food and drink - all to empower our neediest children to access all they need to get healthy. Our talented youth will share fresh beverages. Smoothies, lime/lemonade with fresh mint, fresh orange juice? Stay tuned for news on festivities at the local parks. Our local eateries date back to the early 1900s to recently opened unique venues, with specialties from around the world. Sample top cuisine and support local businesses without stressing over a reservation. Enjoy our deliciously fun fiesta - while supporting worthy causes!

: Tastes of Franklin Festival

Locations: Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights and nearby venues See online map here

When: Sunday, June 2, 2019 from 2-6 pm, plus Block Party starting at 8 am between Park and Sterling Place & Crow Hill Crafts Fair, 12-6 pm

Cost: Tastings start at 4 tastes for $20. Special guided food tours with Airbnb Social Impact Experiences. Special prices for both events!

Tickets: Buy online here & pick up your ticket at Crow Hill Crafts Fair at Hip2B Healthy Market on June 2. Tickets on sale at various venues on June 2.

Now I have a ticket. What do I do? Every person who buys a ticket receives a menu and a map. Each ticket has the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. Participants decide which menu items and places they like and then walk to the doors of each establishment. Most places will have tables outside serving their sumptuous fare. Wine and spirit offerings are served inside. Servers will mark off one number for each taste received. When you run out of tastes, there will be plenty of places on the day of the event to buy more tickets!

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Interested in cooking classes? We offer pop-up culinary experiences! Kids! Join our next pop-up Cooking in Spanish in May, 3-5 pm. Get info and sign up here!

All proceeds benefit Seeds in the Middle, a 501c charity named by fourth graders, empowering students and schools no matter where they are to access all they need to get healthy. Seeds in the Middle inspires social change through sustainable health with a multi-faceted, holistic strategy to fight obesity and scale disparities. We enable parents, educators, students, and their community to reach for all the opportunities and beauty New York City has to offer, beginning with taking control of their health, enhancing arts education, and greening their environment.

Seeds in the Middle pilots Hip2B Healthy school projects, starting in central Brooklyn. We opened and ran farmers markets like the Crown Heights Farmers Market from 2011-2014, run Crown Heights youth soccer programs and Soccer for Harmony tournaments - engaging players, young and old, from all backgrounds to build community through sports! For more information on soccer, just click here. See us at seedsinthemiddle.org

Proceeds will also benefit “Save the Village, Save the Elephants” - an educational, ecotourism media project. We're highlighting places tourists can go where their money enables local people to earn a living by saving and caring for elephants and their fragile forests and habitats. See some of our work on Facebook at Good Green Travel.

Seeds in the Middle has many facets and programs including:

  • Growing edible gardens so children learn about nutrition and farming
  • Student-run Hip2B Healthy Market, selling healthy snacks as cheap alternatives to snack machines and convenience-store junk food
  • Integrated curriculum so healthy choices and environmental stewardship are woven into the school day
  • Physical fitness - soccer, track, zumba and more during the school day and after-school
  • Hands-on cooking classes during the school day, Chef Nights in the evenings and field trips to fine restaurants and culinary institutes
  • Improving School Food
  • Field trips to outside farms, community gardens, schools, farmers markets, arts centers
  • Arts
  • Parent and Community Empowerment
  • Greening - recycling, composting, environmental beautification
  • Professional Development for Educators

Tastes of Franklin Festival

Crown Heights!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2-6 pm

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Tickets will also be on sale at Barboncino Pizza, and Drink

Past Events:

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill Spring Crawl, Saturday, May 4

Taste of Gowanus Saturday, April 13

Thanks to all of our participants this spring for phenomenal culinary festivals. More to come!

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